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Our Commitment

We, in SL, recognize that our roles and responsibilities are not only limited to matters concerning our production and sales. One of our major commitment concerns our social responsibility. As our factory becomes bigger, our commitment likewise becomes more diverse and responsive to the changing needs and situation. This commitment covers the protection of the environment, taking care of our workers and improving factory conditions, as well as community involvement.

In SL, we have a Compliance Department that oversees the accomplishment of and adherence to our commitment. The Compliance Department reports directly to our CEO, who recognizes the importance of the role of the department in the success and daily routine of the factory. The Compliance Department is fully supported by all departments, particularly the Technical Support Services (TSS), R&D, Personnel, and Admin.


1. Improving factory conditions

Safety in the workplace is our paramount concern. Keeping a healthy workplace and workforce is also very important. We continuously check and improve our factory conditions to ensure the health and safety of our workers. TSS is the department in charge of all improvements and repairs of the different equipment and structures within the facility. The Compliance team conducts daily routine checks of the different areas, while the supervisors in each area accomplish a daily checklist report. Cleaners are primarily responsible for housekeeping. Regular trainings on health and safety are also being done.

2. Environmental Protection

Our interest in the environment goes beyond the mandates of governmental regulation. Our vision is to create a culture in which environmental excellence is second nature. SL is committed to the continuous review of environmental issues affecting or affected by the production and associated with property development. It adopts a pro-active approach for environmental management, incorporating the environment as an integral part of every business activity where it has influence and control. In doing so, it seeks to develop a system for managing the same based on economically practicable environmental standards. Our operations place a high priority on waste minimization, recycling, reuse programs and pollution prevention. We continuously improve the environmental friendliness of our products and procedures so that they meet industry standards and applicable regulations.

3. Employee’s Welfare

Being in a labor intensive industry, we have long realized the importance of our workers, hence, we have placed their welfare at the top of our priority. We always strive to give our workers the best health and safety standards and benefits. We also believe that this will be best achieved if we provide them the proper training and education regarding these matters. Health and safety trainings are a regular occurrence in our factory.


Other trainings like Fire drill, Chemical Handling and Storage, Food Safety, Personal Hygiene and Safety, Worker Orientation, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Guidelines are some of the trainings we regularly provide to our workers. We take pride in the fact that we are the very first among the factories in the garment industry to have a comprehensive First-Aid Training Program facilitated by the Cambodia Red Cross no less.


We have also built a classroom where we conduct Khmer (reading and writing) and Chinese (speaking) classes to our workers. We believe that this additional skill will help our workers further improve their ability and position wherever they work.

4. Community Involvement

Our responsibility goes beyond our factory walls. As a company, we try to reach out to other activities and organizations that promote and safeguard the welfare of the common people, and provide services for the common good of all. Some of these efforts are mentioned below.

After the tsunami disaster in December 2004, we organized a fund-raising campaign among our workers and staff from all levels, for the benefit of the victims. Even the ordinary workers were able to contribute in their most humble way to this worthy cause.

Our company, through our CEO, has also made donations to such worthy causes like the renovation of Yu Wah School in Phnom Penh, and the construction of the Monivong Bridge, also in Phnom Penh. One special cause that our company regards very highly is that of the Red Cross. Together with voluntary contributions from our workers, our company gave substantial donation to the Cambodia Red Cross in order for the organization to continue providing its services to the society.

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