¡°Entrepreneurship, innovation¡±The two founding cultures spirit is the same gene Kin

That entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurship, Kin encourage every employee should have the entrepreneurial spirit, becomes independent from the operating business, the impossible becomes possible, to become their own CEO; the nature of innovation is to create differentiated value . Create differentiated value comes from creating new user resources¡£

Two founding spirit of the core is to emphasize the lock first competitive goal. Adhere to the same goal, but the goal should be to achieve the vision of an open, effective integration, the use of all resources¡£

Mission: quality, achievement of a better life

Core values (core concepts): harmony-oriented, the pursuit of excellence
Business philosophy: the value of all the user in mind
The spirit of enterprise£ºScience Cooperation Gumption
                Science¡ª¡ªAdvocating science, the spirit of innovation; absorbing, eager to learn the spirit£»Excellence, the pursuit of class spirit¡£
                Cooperation¡ª¡ªThe overall situation, dedicated spirit; integrity harmony, unity of spirit¡£
                Gumption¡ª¡ªHard work, the spirit of pioneers; never met, the spirit of the times¡£
Workers Code: civilization, discipline, integrity, dedication