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Our main business is garment processing. We provide services to garment manufacturers in Cambodia that produce garment for top US and European brands.

We also manufacture and distribute our own in-house brand of industrial laundry equipment in the PRC and distribute over 10 other brands of industrial laundry equipment to more than 25 countries.
Garment Processing

The garment manufacturing process is never complete without garment processing.  Current fashion trends demand the application of one or several garment processes to complete the look of a pair of pants or any clothing item.  This is where our services become essential.


The two key processes in our garment processing workflow are the dry process and the wet process. Dry process includes sand blasting, grinding, brushing and whiskers. These dry processes are applicable in not only twill and denims but even on knits fabric to create the “worn out” look.

Wet processes are applicable on both woven and knitted garments. It can also create different colors on the garments depending on the customers’ specification. By appropriately applying different wet processes on woven garments, various unique effects such as bleached, stonewashed, sand-washed or destroyed look can appear on the garments. Please refer to the section entitled "Production Process” in this Website for further information.
Manufacturer and Distributor of Industrial Laundry Equipment

SL is also a manufacturer and distributor of industrial laundry equipment.

We manufacture our in-house brand of industrial laundry equipment, comprising mainly of industrial washers, hydro-extractors, industrial dryers, sand blasting machines and dyeing machines in our manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, PRC. Our customer base for our in-house brand of industrial laundry equipment is the garment manufacturing industry mainly from countries such as Romania, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Vietnam.

As we are also users of our in-house brand of industrial laundry equipment in our garment processing facility in Cambodia, we are able to leverage on our practical experience to maintain the competitiveness and relevance of our in-house brand.

We also distribute more than 10 different brands of industrial laundry equipment from United States, Europe, Japan and Taiwan catering mainly to the non-garment manufacturing industry such as lodging, healthcare and laundry companies. In addition to supplying industrial laundry equipment, we also provide installation, repair and maintenance services to our customers.

Each machine is cleaned, painted, marked with a serial number and packaged together with the relevant operating manuals. Thereafter, we will make arrangements for the delivery of the machines to our customers.

We provide a one-year warranty to our customers for our in-house brand of equipment, while the warranty for third party brands of equipment are provided directly by our suppliers or the equipment manufacturers.

We have sales and distribution offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Guangzhou, PRC. In Vietnam and Pakistan, we distribute our industrial laundry equipment through third party distributors.

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